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>Amazing Sand Castle – Entertain The Mind


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>Holy Shit! – Entertain The Mind

><img src=";

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>This Guy Can Shoot! – Entertain The Mind


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>Sir, Do You Know Why I Pulled You Over?


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>Amazing Gun

>Because the bayonet just didn’t cut it (literally and figuratively).

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>Stick On Power Lines – Pretty Amazing

>Ever wondered what it looks like when a stick gets thrown on top of some power lines? Me either, but I saw this video and it’s actually pretty cool. It makes me want to go throw shit on power lines … Continue reading

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>Most Amazing Game Show Ever

>Yes, I said it. Clearly the most amazing game show ever. I think I would be kick ass at it.

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>Amazing Allusions You Can Do At Home!

>I ran across a Youtube user named Brusspup a couple months ago and his videos are still amazing me. Check out some of these cheap allusions you can do yourself at home. Make A Cloud

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>Amazing Sidewalk Art

>I found some very amazing pictures of sidewalk art and thought I would share them with you. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

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